About Us

Coming from an engineering background, Mr. Shashank Mane founded Multimedia Informatics Pvt. Ltd in 1992. The venture started with the particularly tough task of making an area centric trade directory named Building Business Directory. In those days, it was tough to break through in the advertisement industry without any reference or godfather but our experience of making trade directory had taught us printing and artwork designing, which further led us to promotion and marketing.

In 1994-95, Multimedia started focusing in cable and satellite as there was a sudden boom in the cable and satellite industries. But since satellite was just in the initial phase we developed channels like In-Mumbai, CVO and CCC.

We became market concessionaries and started producing low budget short films. We also conjured programs like Super Hit Contest and Phone Uthao Inaam Pao, both of which received an overwhelming response. People continued to like our services and it took us 5 years to evolve from a Printing advertisement agency to a full-fledged advertisement agency. In Multimedia, we are all driven by a just and upright motto i.e.:

“To develop a winning strategy; To see you grow as we grow”

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