We are a full-service advertising agency with Print, Web, Digital and Audio/Visual capabilities that reach the consumer through Multiple Touch Points.

Whenever possible, we see our projects from concept and design development through production and post-production, but we readily provide any combination of services and production phases.

No matter how large or small the assignment, we bring our highly-developed knowledge of consumer behavior, command of branding strategies, and creativity to all our work to achieve the all-important image or message that conveys the dynamic essence of our clients.

We also strive to build added value into each project for our clients, by implementing the technology appropriate to the message and creating products with a classic appeal, which will stay relevant, maintaining the flexibility to adapt for the future.

Below we provide a list of our professional services and technological capabilities.

Being a one-stop advertising agency, we extensively engage in strategic media planning and buying through close research and analysis of the potentiality of the medium in respect to the brand along with the behavioral characteristics of the target group (TG).

The systematic steps that we take into consideration while Media Buying are:

  • The Buying Brief
  • Environmental Analysis
  • The Science of Buying
  • The Art of Buying
  • Benchmarking
  • Buying Plan Presentation
  • Deal management
  • Post Buying Follow-Ups

Private and public institutions; product retailers and professional services providers; business-to-business and business-to-consumer outfits; our clients do not fit any single mold. Neither do our clients’ clients, with the industry sectors we serve varying as widely from media and entertainment to lifestyle and consumer durables.

Though we value our high-profile accounts, we also take special pride in our professional service to small and local businesses with specialized needs that demand a more hands-on approach to high quality.

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